Underdogs Steve & Chantelle win The Block

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Shrieks of joy, a record mountain of cash and sweet vindication.


The Block Fans v Faves underdogs Steve O’Donnell and Chantelle Ford – who were at times portrayed as lazy and lacking in renovation nous on the series – have walked away winners and $736,000 richer.

Their apartment sold for $2,470,000, which is the highest price in the show’s history.

“Winning is, I don’t know, it’s not so much vindication as it is just a display that we’ve done well,” O’Donnell told AAP.

“For me, I felt like you just didn’t get to see my best side (on the show) and hopefully people understand that the reason we got here isn’t because of what we did on screen but what you didn’t get to see – and there was a lot.”

Fans v faves pitted rookies against returned contestants as they renovated the historic Dux House in Melbourne’s ritzy Albert Park.

O’Donnell, a chimney sweep, and Ford, a milliner, said if given the chance they would definitely compete again on The Block.

“Thankfully dreams can come true and this is proof,” O’Donnell said.

“We can just take this in and say anything is possible and if people want to have a crack at anything in life, you can flip the script.”

Fiery twins Alisa and Lysandra Fraser were runners-up, with the sale of their apartment for $2,375,000 netting them a profit of $616,000 over the reserve.

Their profit for this series, combined with $395,000 from The Block Sky High last year, pushed their total winnings from the show to more than $1 million.

“I am going to say it: who would have ever thought?” Alisa said after O’Donnell and Ford’s victory.

The twins said they went into the auction thinking anything above $100,000 profit each would be a good effort, adding auction order played a big part in the result.

O’Donnell and Ford’s apartment was the last to be auctioned, with the twins third last, Kyal and Kara Demmrich second and Brad Cranfield and Dale Vine first.

The twins weren’t afraid to air their grievances during the taping of the series or let loose with F-bomb tirades when it came to the way they were judged.

They clashed with Ford and O’Donnell during the series including a mega fight during the last challenge between Ford and Alisa.

But any bad blood between the teams seemed to have dissipated on auction night.

“You know what? If I wanted anyone (else) to win it would have been them (Steve and Chantelle) because they’ve had the hardest ride,” Alisa said.

The sisters even softened their vow the eve of the auction to never again appear on The Block, saying there was a chance they might do it again a long time down the track.

“You can never say never but if you could get close to that, it would be close to that,” Lysandra said.

* The Block Fans v Faves results:


Steve O’Donnell and Chantelle Ford

Reserve: $1,834,000

Sold: $2,470,000

Profit: $636,000

Total winnings (including $100,000 bonus): $736,000


Alisa and Lysandra Fraser

Reserve: $1,759,000

Sold: $2,375,000

Profit: $616,000


Kyal and Kara Demmrich

Reserve: $1,872,750

Sold: $2,440,000

Profit: $567,250


Brad Cranfield and Dale Vine

Reserve: $1,802,750

Sold: $2,310,000

Profit: $507,250

* Total prize money: $2,426,500

*Total prize money across eight series of The Block: $8,131,501

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