Mad Men end in sight for creator

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Chat with Matthew Weiner these days and you feel the added depth of his Mad Men immersion.


When its bifurcated final season begins on Sunday in the US (with seven episodes, to be followed by seven more next year), the second of those final hours will be shooting, while the fifth of seven final scripts will be taking shape on the page.

The looming end has taken root in the Mad Men conversation among fans, even as they mark time waiting for the 14 new instalments.

Meanwhile, Weiner, as the auteur of this landmark drama series, voices both resolve and wonderment at his task of bringing Mad Men in for landing.

His goal, he says, is not to wallop the audience with a grand parting shot, but something more gently profound: “to leave the characters in a place where they’re going to be in viewers’ imaginations forever.”

Weiner has said many times he hit upon some semblance of that “fitting end” several years ago.

And yet: Pulling the plug on a TV series goes against every instinct of the person in charge, he says – the person whose primary duty is to keep the show alive and well, week after week.

Even for a series veteran like Weiner (who was a writer-producer of The Sopranos as well as the sitcom Becker), his mission to end Mad Men is “a totally antithetical thing, an exercise that is outside my realm of experience”.

Viewers will remember that at the close of last season, which spanned the stormy year of 1968, Don Draper (series star Jon Hamm) was left in disarray.

He had been sidelined by his ad agency after suffering a meltdown at a client meeting.

His loving wife, Megan (Jessica Pare), walked out on him after one too many broken promises.

The 1960s have been hard on Don.

A man who, years before, assumed another man’s identity, he has shaped his sense of self, and his career, from cultural models that seem to grow increasingly outdated as the ’60s wear on.

Don – however charismatic and commanding his image – is on a downward spiral as he hits middle age.

Or so it seemed to some viewers.

Weiner doesn’t see him that way.

“There’s been a constant assertion about Don being out of touch, and that, by 1968, his style of advertising isn’t working anymore.

“I’ve never felt that,” Weiner says.

“What I do feel, particularly last season, is that society has caught up to him.

“Identity issues caught up with society, which made the society more like Don. He’s never been more in touch.

“The world is changing. That was the original intention of the show. And change makes everybody feel out of place.”

Indeed, there have been signals that Don, swamped by painful recognition, is braced to take corrective action.

Last season’s fade-out found the man who, at the series’ start was fiercely guarded about his past, coming clean to his three kids: Don stood with them outside the former whorehouse where he, born Dick Whitman, was raised as an orphan.

How does the new season pick up the action?

As usual, Weiner made sure the preview he shared with TV critics was accompanied by a laundry list of details not to be divulged.

What, then, can be shared? That the episode, written by Weiner, is richly satisfying.

That the cast (also including Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery, Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks and Aaron Staton) remains terrific.

That the series seems headed confidently down its home stretch.

Pretty much the rest is meant to stay hush-hush.

But secrecy is not simply an obsession for Weiner.

It’s a marketing strategy.

“This was a decision I made at the show’s pilot stage,” he says.

He pointed to January Jones, who plays Don’s ex and at the show’s inception was still his wife.

“She was not part of any of the press material for the first season, because I didn’t want anyone who watched the pilot to know until its final moments that Don was married.”

Weiner recalls the first table read for this obscure new series on an also-ran network as he demanded confidentiality from his cast.

“Everybody looked at me like we’d be lucky if spoilers were a problem for this show.

“Not all entertainment has to be this way,” Weiner acknowledges, “but I thought that the surprise of our storytelling would be a smart marketing decision.

“Luckily, AMC agreed.”

And as Weiner hoped, it helped get the show noticed.

Now the end is in sight. How to pull it off in a way that does justice to the series and its fans? And to viewers who have yet to discover it, and won’t until all the cats are out of the bag?

“If Mad Men continues to be watched after its ending airs, whoever approaches it will know how it ends,” Weiner muses.

“However we end the show, there won’t be any more secrets. That’s kind of weird.” He means to leave a show behind that will satisfy them, too.

But that’s all ahead.

“Before then,” he declares, “we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.”

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Rooney set to ignore pain to play Bayern

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Wayne Rooney is set to face holders Bayern Munich in their Champions League quarter-final, second leg, aided by a pain-killing injection after he trained on Tuesday.


The 28-year-old missed United’s 4-0 win at Newcastle United on Saturday due to a toe injury, sparking fears that he could be forced to sit out Wednesday’s return leg at Munich’s Allianz Arena with the tie delicately poised at 1-1 after the first match.

However, he took part in a light workout at United’s Carrington training centre on Tuesday morning prior to the squad’s departure for Germany, appearing to have no adverse reaction.

United manager David Moyes said Rooney is determined to play in a match they need to win to keep alive their hopes of any silverware this season.

“He hasn’t trained the whole week, but he’s willing to have an injection before the game,” said Moyes during Tuesday’s press conference in Munich.

“We haven’t done anything wrong medically.

“He’s a character. If he’s determined to play, we’ll let him.”

Rooney said that he had suffered no reaction during the training session.

“Good training session with the lads ahead of the Bayern Munich match,” Rooney wrote on his Facebook page.

“It’s a massive game for us against a top side but we’ll be going in confident and looking to progress into the semi-finals.”

Other injury worries Patrice Evra (knee), Ryan Giggs (groin) and Ashley Young (hand) also took part in Tuesday’s final training session before the flight to Germany.

Bayern coach Pep Guardiola is certain Rooney will play.

“He will play, I am 100 per cent sure and I am willing to bet a large glass of beer on it,” the Spaniard quipped.

“This is one of the best players I’ve seen play and the big players do not want to miss this type of game.”

Rooney’s presence in Munich will be a boost for United with Dutch striker Robin van Persie sidelined with a sprained knee and Spanish star Juan Mata cup-tied.

Bayern have a few concerns of their own with Germany star Bastian Schweinsteiger and Spain’s Javi Martinez both suspended, while attacking midfielder Thiago Alcantara is injured.

Bayern haven’t won in their last three matches, and suffered their first Bundesliga defeat in 18 months when they were beaten 1-0 at Augsburg on Saturday.

Guardiola, who took over from Jupp Heynckes last June, has guided Bayern to the Bundesliga title already but admitted failing to get past United would not be good for him.

“If we don’t reach the semi-finals, that would be a big mistake by the coach,” he said.

“I’m aware of that, I knew it from the beginning after Bayern won the treble last season.”

Guardiola said Wednesday’s match will ‘make or break’ Bayern’s season, but he expects them to be in Friday’s semi-finals draw.

“It’s now life or death and we’ll still be alive on Thursday,” said Guardiola.

“Of course, it is very important for a big club like this to be in the semi-finals.”

The Spaniard dismissed both Bayern’s loss to Augsburg and United’s struggling Premier League form when asked if either were a yardstick for the Munich clash.

“This is a different competition,” said Guardiola.

“They (United) are fighting for a place in the Europa League, we are already German champions.

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Australia faces difficult task at WC14

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The Aussies will be playing in their third straight World Cup, but the personnel has changed considerably.


Only Tim Cahill is expected to make the trip from the country’s “Golden Age” era. He is Australia’s leading scorer in international football and, at 34, will be the senior player in an inexperienced squad which is being groomed for greater things in 2018.

“It’s part of the Australian sports culture, we want our teams to be attacking teams,” Australia coach Ange Postecoglou said, “and our players like to play that way.”

Cahill was part of the 2006 World Cup squad that reached the knockout round but lost to eventual champion Italy on a late penalty. A similar group of players, though four years older, were knocked out in the group stage four years ago in South Africa.

The disappointing showing in South Africa was followed by back-to-back 6-0 routs by Brazil and France in late 2013, causing coach Holger Oseick to lose his job. Postecoglou, the first homegrown coach in almost a decade, took over and has broadened the search for new talent to face Spain, the Netherlands and Chile in Group B in Brazil.

“If there is an opportunity there for us to create some headlines and shock the world, we’ll take it,” Postecoglou said. “I’m trying to put myself in the other coaches’ shoes and they would be saying, ‘When we play Australia we have to win.’ The other three countries expect to get through, and for that to happen they have to beat us. So there is enormous pressure on them.”

Postecoglou made those comments in early March after he selected a new-look squad for a friendly against Ecuador in London – a match the Australians lost 4-3 despite leading 3-0 at halftime.

That squad was missing a host of veterans, including former captain Lucas Neill, Mark Bresciano and Josh Kennedy – all well into their 30s – and Brett Holman, who will turn 30 before the World Cup starts.

Still, Postecoglou said he was encouraged by the first half of the match, and is hoping a positive attitude can translate into success in Brazil.

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‘Kangaroo care’ used for Colombian babies

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At Bogota’s San Ignacio hospital, Cesar Algeciras often spends five hours straight in the neonatal intensive care unit, lovingly clutching his premature son to his bare chest.


“Feeling his heart beat is a delight,” said the 36-year-old computer engineer.

“Sometimes I don’t even have to check the monitor to make sure he’s fine.”

This simple practice of skin-to-skin contact is known as “kangaroo care” – in a nod to the marsupials who carry their young in a pouch after birth to complete their development – and started in Colombia more than 30 years ago due to a shortage of incubators.

After an initial bout of scepticism, it has become common practice in this South American country – and has spread around the world.

At just 27 weeks, Algeciras’s son is one of several early-term newborns in the hospital struggling to survive.

And, while he does spend some time in an incubator, his father is convinced the physical contact is working wonders.

That’s also the belief of Nathalie Charpak, the doctor who has pushed to standardise “kangaroo care” since 1978.

“An infant in intensive care doesn’t sleep for more than 19 minutes at a time,” she told AFP. “It’s really traumatising to be frank, it’s torture.”

While it sounds easy enough, kangaroo care comes with certain rules.

Parents are not allowed to change position – except to feed and change the baby.

And even at night, they can’t lie down to ensure the infant stays upright and in constant contact with their skin.

The surrounding environment is also key. In an effort to recreate womb-like conditions, nurses at San Ignacio ensure the lights are dimmed and are alerted if the noise level rises above 60 decibels.

The practice – which Charpak claims is “as effective as an incubator” – has gained traction abroad.

“We have trained more than 30 countries,” she said – including the United States, Spain and Sweden.

Colombian doctors have also travelled to Asia and Africa to spread the word.

The effort seems to have paid off and has quite a following.

In 20 years, Brazil has reduced infant mortality by two thirds for those under five through a program partly consisting of kangaroo care, according to UNICEF, the United Nations children’s agency.

A study of Swedish mothers published by the US journal PubMed in 2011 showed that while participants considered the method exhausting, none gave up.

Initially considered an “alternative for the poor,” the practice was given a boost by the World Health Organisation in 2004 when it recognised it as a way of promoting breast feeding and stimulating a child’s cognitive development.

Premature birth remains the leading cause of infant mortality in the world, where one in 50 babies die before they turn a month old, according to WHO figures.

Despite the benefits of kangaroo care, cultural barriers continue to keep some people at bay.

That’s especially true in India or Africa or “when the mother returns home, it’s to work,” Charpak said.

Reluctance has also come from doctors, in particular in developed countries where there may be an unwillingness to accept a method “that comes from a southern country,” she added.

But at San Ignacio, where the Kangaroo Foundation is headquartered, parents like Algeciras certainly believe in the technique.

On any given day some 30 mothers can be seen hugging their tiny offspring – wrapped up and wearing wool beanies – to their hearts.

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Man pleads guilty to ‘lover’s lane’ death

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It has been more than two decades since Felipe Flores’s battered, half-naked body was found at a “lovers’ lane” in Sydney.


Now, after an inquest, a trial and an appeal, a man has pleaded guilty to his manslaughter.

Mr Flores, from Ecuador, was last seen by friends “picking up” another man at Sydney’s Exchange Hotel on Oxford Street in the early hours of September 2, 1991.

Hours later, his body was discovered naked from the waist down in Woolloomooloo, in an area once coined “lovers’ lane”.

The impression of a shoe sole was found on the face of the 27-year-old, whose severe internal injuries included a liver almost split in two.

For years, the circumstances surrounding his death remained a mystery, with a 1995 inquest finding he died from multiple injuries at the hands of an unknown person or persons.

But after detectives from the Unsolved Homicide Squad reviewed the investigation in 2008 they found DNA under Mr Flores’s fingernails.

In December 2008, Paul Armstrong was arrested in Tasmania.

In 2010, the case appeared to be finally closed when Armstrong was later convicted of Mr Flores’ murder after a trial.

But an appeal last year meant he was due to face a retrial in the Supreme Court this week.

On Wednesday he pleaded not guilty to Mr Flores’s murder but guilty to manslaughter on the basis of provocation.

A statement of facts tendered to court reveal that in December 2008 Armstrong made “off the record” admissions to police regarding Mr Flores’s death.

In it he told two detectives that he had gone to the lover’s lane with Mr Flores and had oral sex with him.

It was during this act, or shortly after, that Mr Flores told Armstrong he had HIV.

“I just lost it and bashed him,” Armstrong told police.

At the time of the killing, there was “considerable fear” around HIV, not only around how it affected those who had it, but also how it was contracted, the facts state.

The crown said it accepts this fear and Mr Flores’s admissions as to his HIV status induced Armstrong’s loss of self control.

Armstrong will return to court for sentencing later this month.

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Intel, Bank America deal Costa Rica blow

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Two big US firms – Bank of America and microchip giant Intel – have announced closures in Costa Rica leading to nearly 3000 layoffs, dealing a double blow to the Central American country’s economy.


It came two days after the election of third-party candidate Luis Guillermo Solis as the next president of the nation of under five million people and represents a significant setback to its bid to become a high-tech hub.

Outgoing President Laura Chinchilla tried to downplay the double impact.

“Some will leave, but others will take their place,” she said.

But Foreign Trade Minister Anabel Gonzalez, who had taken part in negotiations with Intel, said that the computer chip giant’s presence had helped lure 200 multinationals to Costa Rica, most of them high-tech related.

“Intel was a landmark in our history. It put Costa Rica on the map as a place to invest and for high-tech firms. Their lead helped us become a player globally,” she said.

Intel said it was reducing its assembly and testing operations in Costa Rica and will lay off 1500 employees. About 2700 people have been employed at an assembly plant set up in 1998.

Intel’s exports made up just over 20 per cent of Costa Rica’s overall exports in 2013, though most of the material used to manufacture them had been imported.

“We are going to phase out our manufacturing operations in Costa Rica over the next six months. It is assembly test manufacturing. It will result in the loss of about 1500 jobs,” Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy told AFP.

“We will continue to stay in Costa Rica with more than 1000 employees in finance, information technology, engineering and research,” Mulloy added, noting there were “200 more positions in those areas that may be added in the coming year, but that has yet to be determined.”

“We need to be more effective and efficient in our business (and) the work done in Costa Rica will be moved to assembly testing sites in China, Malaysia and Vietnam,” Mulloy said.

Gonzalez said the company “determined that since most of its buyers and suppliers are in Asia, it is more efficient.”

The computer chip maker announced in mid-January it was going to lay off five per cent of its worldwide workforce in 2014, cutting around 5,400 jobs, as it tries to combat the effects of the stagnating market for personal computers.

Intel saw its net income fall 13 per cent to $9.6 billion last year.

Hours later, in an unrelated move, Bank of America said it was shutting down operations in Costa Rica, where it employs 1400 people in a technological unit.

The company said the closure would take place over the next nine to 12 months, and aims to concentrate on its activities in other countries.

“As a result of constant reviews we will close our technology and operations sites in San Jose de Costa Rica,” the bank said in a statement, referring to the capital city.

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Mickey Rooney’s will details final wishes

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Mickey Rooney signed his last will just weeks before death, leaving a modest estate to a stepson who had been his caretaker, but the actor had no intention of ending his Hollywood career anytime soon, his lawyer says.


Rooney’s death on Sunday occurred after the actor began to have difficulty breathing during an afternoon nap, lawyer Michael Augustine said on Tuesday.

The actor had been in good spirits and was looking forward to continuing to appear in movies after filming a scene for the upcoming instalment of the “Night at the Museum” franchise.

Augustine said Rooney, 93, passed a physical required before he could start filming and his death was due to natural causes, including complications related to diabetes.

Police and coroner’s officials were informed of Rooney’s death but said no investigation of it was necessary.

Rooney’s will was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday. It was signed by Rooney on March 11 and called for his stepson Mark Rooney and his wife to be the sole beneficiaries of the actor’s estate, which is valued at only $US18,000 ($A19,290).

The actor designated Augustine to serve as the executor of his estate, stating that he did not want any relative handling his final affairs.

Despite a show business career spanning more than 80 years, Rooney said he had lost most of his fortune because of elder abuse and financial mismanagement by another one of his stepsons. Augustine said despite an agreement for millions to be repaid to the actor, it was unlikely the estate could ever collect on the judgment.

Rooney’s will disinherited the actor’s eight surviving children, as well as his estranged wife. Jan Rooney will receive her husband’s Social Security benefits and some of his pension earnings as a result of a previous agreement; Augustine said Rooney felt that provided adequate care for her. He said Rooney’s children were in better financial situations than the actor, so he felt it was appropriate to leave Mark Rooney all he had left.

The star of the “Andy Hardy” films and Hollywood’s highest paid actor in the late 1930s and early 1940s, Rooney was a product of the industry’s old studio system and was not entitled to hefty royalty payments, Augustine said.

Plans are still being made for Rooney’s burial and a possible tribute, Augustine said. An agreement was reached Tuesday not to move the actor’s body from a mortuary until a court hearing Friday that may help determine where he is to be laid to rest.

Augustine said that while Rooney has a burial plot in Westlake Village, northwest of Los Angeles, the actor had said recently he wanted to be buried in Hollywood or a veteran’s cemetery.

“We were going to buy plots,” Augustine said, but the actor “didn’t have any money.”

He said the family would like to have a small private service, but hopes that a larger celebration of Rooney’s life and career can be arranged with help from film companies.

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Tech giants rush into television

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The battle of the tech giants is now moving into television.


Following the success of Netflix and a fresh push by Amazon in online video, the latest players looking to get into the gold rush may be Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL, among others.

These moves come as a growing number of consumers are turning away from traditional television to online services such as Netflix, and with those providers looking to draw viewers by offering new, and not just recycled programs.

Inspired by Netflix’s House of Cards, a blockbuster with a reported investment of $100 million, Yahoo is seeking writers and producers for four comedy programs with per episode budgets of at least $700,000, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft is also moving toward original content that can be streamed through its Xbox consoles, starting with a series produced by Steven Spielberg based on the popular Halo video game.

A new science fiction series, Humans, coproduced by Britain’s Channel 4, is expected to debut in 2015 for Xbox viewers.

“We have been overwhelmed by the interest we’ve received from the creative community to collaborate with us on developing unique, compelling story-telling experiences for the Xbox community,” Microsoft said.

Amazon, which has already seen some success with its Alpha House program, is now making an all-out push to expand its original offerings to ramp up its challenge to Netflix and Hulu, which also produces original programs.

Amazon has given the green light to six new original programs, including a drama produced by X-Files creator Chris Carter called The After and a comedy with actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Malcolm McDowell, Mozart in the Jungle.

A new device for streaming to television sets, called Amazon Fire TV, may further help Amazon in its bid to draw viewers.

The company said this week that the number of its video streams tripled year over year, overtaking both Apple and Hulu in streaming video usage.

“We’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars in great TV shows and movies for Prime members and it’s working,” said Bill Carr, Amazon’s vice president for digital video and music.

“And now, with Fire TV, customers have the easiest way to access this content.”

Sony is getting in on the act as well, in a move that seems to undercut its Hollywood studio operations.

The company’s PlayStation Network is commissioning its first original drama series called Powers, based on a comic book of the same name, combining the genres of superhero fantasy, crime noir and police drama.

AOL, looking to find a new niche, is extending four original programs, including one on the world of ballet in New York produced by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

“The success these series have seen is on par with top-tier cable programs reaching sizeable audiences who are highly engaged, making them incredibly attractive for advertisers and establishing a viable alternative to place dollars,” says Charles Gabriel, an AOL executive for global video sales.

“We have seen a strong response from top brands looking to reach consumers they may be missing on TV.”

Analysts say the potential ad revenues are also being eyed by Yahoo, which had to abandon a bid for the video website Dailymotion.

Google is a major player in streaming through its YouTube unit.

But instead of producing shows on its own, YouTube allows others to create their own channels.

Because of this, Google gets the largest share on online video ad dollars, or 20.4 per cent of the total, according to research firm eMarketer.

The big tech firms may be able to capture ad dollars if they have the right content, according to a report by Pivotal Research.

“Advertisers are willing to spend more significant budgets intended for TV on online video, but they need comparable quality content,” the analysts said.

“Real TV dollars have not moved to online video in any meaningful way largely because content from digital media companies has not been comparable (in the eyes of an advertiser) to that which is produced by a traditional media company.”

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Arnold could be headed back to A-League

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Graham Arnold could be set for a return to the A-League after the former Central Coast coach parted ways with his Japanese club.


Arnold only joined J-League side Vegalta Sendai five months ago but after a winless start to his tenure, featuring four losses and two draws, he has decided to make his exit citing concerns about the attitude and age of his squad.

Arnold turned heads at the Japanese club after guiding the Mariners to their maiden A-League championship last season and through to the knock-out stages of the Asian Champions League.

But after Vegalta’s 4-0 loss to Urawa Red Diamonds on Sunday Arnold said he requested a meeting with the club’s president.

Arnold said he was not happy with the fact that 17 players in his squad were over the age of 30 and that he felt his hands were tied when it came to bringing in new players.

“I told the president directly that I wasn’t happy with the age of the squad, with the fact that we hadn’t been able to make a lot of change and that many of the older players were resistant to change,” Arnold told SBS.

“I told the president I felt as if I was coaching someone else’s team and in the end I have my standards to uphold.

“I left the meeting for them to discuss the direction of the club and they said they needed to consider the sponsors and supporters and I understand that.”

Arnold, who was the first Australian-born coach to ever coach in the J-League, said he had no regrets.

“In the end it was genuinely a decision that we arrived at together,” he said.

“Things weren’t working with the changes we’d liked to have made and we agreed to part ways.

“Despite the way things ended I walk away with my head held high and I feel I’ve become a better coach and a better person.

“I’ve got no regrets and I enjoyed every minute of the experience.”

With the futures of Perth Glory coach Kenny Lowe and Sydney FC coach Frank Farina uncertain Arnold, with his proven track record in the A-League, could be a perfect replacement.

The Newcastle Jets may also be interested with interim coach Clayton Zane not yet assured of the full-time gig for next season.

Arnold brought with him a contingent of A-League personnel to Vegalta such as the Mariners strength and conditioning coach Andrew Clark as well as midfielder Mike McGlinchey and Perth Glory goalkeeper Danny Vukovic on loan.

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Sydney’s Royal Easter Show back in town

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What do Dame Edna, a T-Rex and a duckling have in common?

Apart from their potential as the start of a great joke, they are all shaping as stars of this year’s Royal Easter Show.


About 900,000 people are expected to flock to see them – among other attractions – at Olympic Park between April 10 and 23.

And this year a planned visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make it a very “royal” show indeed.

The annual event, when the country comes to the city, again promises all the fun of the fair, with farm animals again sharing the spotlight.

“Someone I worked with here about 15 years ago said, ‘You know, there’ll be no carnival rides, no animals. My kids are on Xbox every day’,” the show’s chief operating officer Michael Collins said.

“But my simple answer was – that’s all about your brain, it’s not about your heart.”

Given many children haven’t even grown up with chooks in the backyard, he said the show’s animal cast were a continued source of fascination for junior patrons.

And if they get sick of the 55 show rides, kids can explore the Dinosaur Adventures display, which brings prehistoric reptiles back to life as enormous animatronic puppets.

With pterodactyls hovering overhead, they can even pose for a happy snap in giant, half-hatched dinosaur eggs.

Meanwhile, over at Spotless Stadium, there’s an Australiana-themed spectacular featuring oversize Kewpie dolls, dancing Vegemite jars and a whip-cracking performance.

There’s even an appearance from Dame Edna herself (albeit in puppet form) decked out in magenta.

“I’ve tried to evoke some past memories but then also something that will keep the kids really entertained,” creative director Di Henry said.

With the Moonee Ponds dame ticked off the guest list, a visit from Prince William and his wife Kate on Good Friday is also expected to add gloss to the event with organisers hopeful royal bub Prince George will enjoy the Farmyard Nursery.

Probably used to the finer tastes, Mr Collins isn’t expecting to see the young royals chowing down on this year’s feature delicacy: a waffle dog.

For the unacquainted, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a hotdog wrapped in a waffle.

“I’ll be having a few waffle dogs, not sure about them,” Mr Collins said.

Showgoers can sample their own, and stock up on Bertie Beetle showbags as well, when gates open at 9am on Thursday.

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