Amateur Goss picks Masters brains

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Oliver Goss knew he’d be crazy not to sound out two countrymen who are among the top four golfers on the planet as he prepares for his Masters debut.


The 19-year-old amateur from Perth has absorbed as much as he can from defending champion Adam Scott and world No.4 Jason Day about how to tackle the Augusta National course.

Interestingly for the US Amateur Championship runner-up, he encountered two distinctly different styles of sharing wisdom.

In his Saturday practice round with 26-year-old Day, who has finished second and third at the Masters, Goss was given a generous barrage of knowledge.

When it came to his Tuesday round with Scott, the world No.2 was about quality over quantity.

“Playing with Jason was awesome. He was hitting it really well and I was so impressed with him,” Goss said.

“I wanted to pick his brains a little bit but he did it for me.

“He gave me all the information he had about the course and I took it right in because it seems like he knows what he’s doing around here.

“With Adam I was mainly observing and we had a little chit chat which was great.”

Scott wasn’t brushing the youngster, who already has the West Australian Open trophy to his name.

Rather he was wary of bogging down Goss and countryman Steven Bowditch, who was seeing the course for the first time in their practice group.

“You’ve got to be a little careful not to cross the line, only from their point,” Scott explained.

“When I first played here, I had no clue about the golf course and had a good week and finished ninth, and I only got a little bit of information.

“I think going in a little blind is not a bad thing here. Too much could be overwhelming for them.

“If they go out and play well they are just going to see all their good shots be rewarded and that’s a nice feeling to have and not focus on the trouble over here or the trouble over there and go out with a very defensive, negative approach.”

Goss also has a valuable ally in local caddie Brian Tam, who he hired after a successful early reconnaissance outing with him.

Tam caddied for then 14-year-old Chinese star Guan TianLang in last year’s Masters, helping him to low amateur honours.

“He (Tam) was here on my visit in March and I just got some really great reads from him,” Goss said.

“I was attempting to read the greens myself and then I would ask him and it just seemed he was always adding a foot more of break to almost every putt.

“I holed some good putts so it seemed a smart move to get him.”

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